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Apple drops the 4G branding from the New iPad in Austrailia, the UK and others because it can't actually do 4G.

iosys ##Author - May 13, 2012 2:27PM
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Next Generation "Big Macs" Will Need Heavy Machinery to Lift

Rumors circulating about the next generation of MacBooks having Retina displays gained traction with the recent OS X update. If the iPad 3 is any indication, this means early adopting Mac users will look to renting a crane as the added weight from the new displays makes them comparable to large boat anchors (again).

The update also brings massive bloat as application icons have their resolution doubled and filesize octupled, AppleInsider reports:

"With the quality of the TextEdit icon increased greatly to 1,024-by-1,024 pixels, the file size of the icon also grew from just 209 kilobytes in OS X 10.7.3 to 1.7 megabytes in 10.7.4."

The age of Macs becomming thinner and sleeker with every iteration has all but died as the new generation ushers in heavier-than-Air Macs with an overweight operating system to match the gargantuan price tag. Maybe Apple just wants to emphasize the "mountain" in Mountain Lion?

iosys ##Author - May 13, 2012 2:08PM
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Update to OS X Lion Sets the Bar for Laughable Security Flaws

The most recent update to OS X opens a titanic security hole whose size rivals the size of the gap between the expected and actual iPhone 4S sales.

Users of OS X's FileVault encryption software that have installed the update now have their encryption passwords logged and saved in plain text. To make matters critical, the log file is stored outside the encrypted area opening the door to attackers on the not-so-virus-free operating system. Experts say the only way to fight the flaw is to disable FileVault completely; users that may attempt to change the password will only have both the new and the old password logged in the system wide log file. We've seen our fair share of security flaws, but one that not only logs passwords in plain text, but also logs the password to a file outside of its own encryption safe zone completely takes the cake.

Let's look at the list of appaling security errors:

  • Store passwords in plain text
  • Log passwords in an unencrypted file
  • Changing the password just gives two for the price of one
  • Completely undermine the entire purpose of your security software
  • Businesses that rely on FileVault are now just one stolen Mac away from catastrophe. The vulnerability goes even further as all Time Machine backups will include the passwords to the encrypted data. Attackers no longer need expensive computational hardware comparable to a supercomputer to break encryption, nor do they even need to cleverly trick owners into revealing their password; Apple already has that covered.

    Apple's industry leading innovation in usability and productivity now extends to evil doers as well.

    Mac: It Just Works,

    for Identity Thieves

    iosys ##Author - May 6, 2012 3:37PM
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    $36,000 worth of MacBooks totaled by 11 year old boy's urine. The school will lose AppleCare coverage for the 3 laptops.

    iosys ##Author - May 6, 2012 2:53PM Thanks to mrdink
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    iPad 3 Crippled by Its Own Claim to Fame

    The "new" iPad 3rd generation model has been revealed to be the last minute replacement for the failed "plan A" model. The result is a tablet whose highly touted Retina display adds significant weight making it unwieldy and cumbersome to carry. Analysts say the original model was to be thinner and lighter coinciding with Apple's typical "make it thinner and shinier" design philosophy, but resulted in an Xbox-like dead weight.

    Seeing the only worthwhile improvement to the tablet end up being its own drawback makes me glad I'm not part of the hip and trendy herd of fanboys with more money than sense.

    And Moses said: I'd prefer stone tablets, they're easier on my back.

    iosys ##Author - May 6, 2012 1:29PM
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    Proview owns iPad trademark in China. Chinese government agreed, don't bother them about it.

    Romanoff ##Admin - Apr 24, 2012 8:51AM Thanks to SWEJ
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    "Macs Don't get Viruses" And Other Tales

    It seems being part of a botnet is a new feature of OSX, as at least 274 of the 600 0000+ secretly upgraded Macs are located at Apple HQ. It's totally not a virus though, since we all know that's impossible.

    Romanoff ##Admin - Apr 5, 2012 11:29AM
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    Apple Learns From Nvidia's Success

    Looks like the A5X chip Apple has been trumpeting is adding more than it's fair share of heat to a device that is meant to be held. Though undoubtedly a feature and not poor design, their decision to release so late in the season could put strain on the RDF in the coming summer months.

    Romanoff ##Admin - Mar 21, 2012 5:14PM Thanks to Anonymous
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    Celebrities Disappointed by Lack of Worship

    Shaquille O'Neal has revealed that he frequently bothered Steve Jobs directly for special early access to new apple products. He was really good at putting a ball into a basket several times a day, after all.

    Also at the confessional this time is William Gibson, who thought he was important enough that Apple would call him and give him iDevices ahead of release date. He also confesses to never having used a real computer, a bizarre situation given his literary success.

    Romanoff ##Admin - Mar 15, 2012 12:34PM Thanks to SWEJ
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    Typical Gizmodo Post

    If you browse here at all you are familiar with the running record of blind apple fanboyism at gizmodo.

    But with this post, they have really outdone themselves.

    I can't even explain the article if I had time to form the words. It's a page long rant on how Apple is going downhill because the. names. of. days. on. the. calendar. are. PIXELS. off.

    Complete with reddit style overuse of reaction images.

    Can't even begin to imagine the kind of reality distortion field going on to complain not about the practical slave labor, but instead oh no the names of the days don't line up how I think they should.

    Please, if you hadn't already, let this article allow you to entirely disregard gizmodo as any kind of publisher or source.

    pez ##Author - Feb 15, 2012 8:59AM
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