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Galaxy Tab Not "Cool" Enough To Be Confused For An iPad, Apple Not Cool Enough To Win Their Own Lawsuit

A UK judge ruled in favor of Samsung over Apple's patent trolling saying the Galaxy Tab does not "not have the same understated and extreme simplicity" that iPads have. We can only assume "extreme simplicity" here means lacking in even trivial features such as removable storage, replacable battery, camera flash, 4G, etc.

Apple's appeal to the hip and trendy younger generation once again has come to bite them in the rear. At least now there's something in common between what certian Apple products lack and what Apple lacks in their own demographic: A right clique.

The Patent Troll Gets Trolled Back

Noise Free claimed that they presented its noise-canceling tech to Apple, who then proceeded to cut off all communication with Noise Free, then integrate their EarSmart technology into the A5 processor.

Clearly, the noise canceling technology is defective, or else the Occupy Wallstreet movement would have been a silent protest.

Apple Abandons Otherwise Capable 64-bit Macs with Mountain Lion Update

Some slightly out of date Macs that currently run OSX Lion are getting chopped from official support thanks to Apple's decision to not have the new kernel in Mountain Lion support 32 bit kernel extensions. The dropping of 32 bit support equals the inability to load the 32 bit graphics driver required by the GPU.

Looks like users that shelled out for one of the affected Macs must either sell another organ or deal with no more upgrades from Apple.

Apple Refuses to Sell to an American Citizen Due To Her Iranian Descent

Apple claimed it was following US policy when an employee racially profiled a group of customers denying to sell them an iPad and iPhone. Apple was later forced to allow the University of Georgia student to buy what she wanted from the Apple Store online.

Given the amount of times type of incident occurs according to Sabet and Jafarzadeh, we're surprised to see that this doesn't get reported Allah the time.

Reinforcing The Reality Distortion Field

Apple finished off the month by making a cliche statement to strengthen the subconcious suspension of disbelief of their fanbase. Jonathon Ive spoke to the public that Apple isn't in it for the money.

No clever joke here, this is funny enough as is.

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